A couple of years ago I had a strange experience. I was walking thru my local Publix and I saw this book:

Successful Women Think Differently


Something about the book, sitting among a hundred other books and magazines, caught my eye. I picked it up, glanced thru it quickly, set it back down, and walked away. It’s not that I wasn’t interested in the book, or that the content looked boring. But, I was in a hurry, as I typically am at the grocery store, and really, I didn’t have the extra money to buy it at that moment.

The very next day I was sitting in the nail salon getting my nails done. There was a very sweet looking older woman sitting next to me also getting a manicure. We started chatting about the weather, and my job. We chatted about the nail salon and the technicians. We chatted about the traffic outside. Small talk. All while getting our manicures. She finished up first and said it was nice chatting with me, and said she was on her way to watch her daughter give a speech. I told her that sounded very nice and I wished her a good day. She reached into her purse and pulled out a postcard sized brochure about her daughter’s speech. I thanked her and put the brochure in my purse.

When I got to the car, I pulled out the brochure and read it. To my surprise, the daughter of this lady just happened to be the author of that book I picked up in Publix, Valorie Burton! I couldn’t believe it. What are the odds?

I’m sure you can guess what I did…ran straight to Publix and bought the book. To me, it was a sign. It was something that I was supposed to read. And I did.

This book was so inspirational on so many levels. Even for someone like myself, a mom with a Flight Attendant job on the side. In many ways, I could relate to the stories of the women in the book. The book, the quotes, the Bible references, all just touched me.

So, I decided to make a scrapbook of the book. I took my favorite quotes, ideas, and summaries of the chapters and made a mini album. The object was to have something to reference without having to reread the book every time. Something that I could glance over when I needed an idea or a reminder of the purpose of the book.

I know this sounds like a lot of work when I could easily just highlight a few of my favorite passages in the book and keep it on my bedside table, and review just as easily whenever I wanted to. But, I really wanted to make something special.

I used Becky Higgins Blush Mini Album and also the Project Life Blush Edition cards. I purchased the cards from the digital shop and printed out what I needed for the album. Below, you can see examples of some of the pages I created. Please note that the content of my album is from the book shown above.




Our scrapbooks don’t always have to be about our families or our events that we attend. Sometimes it’s good to create albums based on what inspires you. This is just an example of such a thing.