So, I have finally finished my Grateful Album. Overall, I am happy with it. I ended up printing my 4×6 cards on Bazzill cardstock. I like how it turned out, though it does make the printed cards a bit muted. I used a Snap! album and their coordinating page protectors. Since there weren’t a lot of pages in the album, I’m going to add to the album next year’s month of gratefulness. I will likely separate the two with a tabbed divider labeled with the year. I think it will be nice to add to it each year until it’s full and see how we change over time and what we are grateful for in various years.

Here are my pictures from my 30 Days of Thankful album. For whatever reason, WordPress won’t allow me to put them in order, but I don’t think it really matters!

Thanks for stopping by!

CZ_30DT2_Day2 copy CZ_30DT2_Day3 copy CZ_30DT2_Day4 copy CZ_30DT2_Day5 copy CZ_30DT2_Day6 copy CZ_30DT2_Day7 copy CZ_30DT2_Day8 copy CZ_30DT2_Day9 copy day 1 CZ_30DT2_Day10 copy CZ_30DT2_Day11 copy CZ_30DT2_Day13 copy CZ_30DT2_Day14 copy CZ_30DT2_Day16 copy CZ_30DT2_Day15 copy CZ_30DT2_Day17 CZ_30DT2_Day18 copy CZ_30DT2_Day20 copy CZ_30DT2_Day21 copy CZ_30DT2_Day22 copy CZ_30DT2_Day23 CZ_30DT2_Day25 copy CZ_30DT2_Day26 copy CZ_30DT2_Day24 CZ_30DT2_Day28 copy CZ_30DT2_Day29 copy day 30 copy