November is the month that a lot of people reflect on their lives and think about what they are grateful for. This year I too am spending a little time reflecting on the good parts and pieces of my life. Today I am sharing with you my first few reflections of what I was grateful for each day so far this month. It’s the little things that really make a difference in my life and I have noticed how grateful I am for all those special, little things as I include them in my grateful album. I plan to print these all out at home onto Bazzill cardstock (white orange peel). I like how pictures look like “book” pages when printed on cardstock.  It kind of gives a vintage or soft feel to the album which I like for this kind of mini scrapbook. I will share my album with you when it is complete!

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day 1

CZ_30DT2_Day2 copy

CZ_30DT2_Day3 copyCZ_30DT2_Day4 copyCZ_30DT2_Day5 copyCZ_30DT2_Day6 copyCZ_30DT2_Day8 copyCZ_30DT2_Day9 copyCZ_30DT2_Day10 copyCZ_30DT2_Day11 copy